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Buying the Best CBD Vape Pen

Cannabidiol (CBD) is part of over a hundred cannabis compounds and is mostly preferred because of its medicinal value. It is being used by many people from different parts of the continent for medicinal purposes.  Some of the conditions that can be treated by CBD include anxiety, pain, stress, and cancer. It is extracted in the form of oil and can be manufactured into other products. One of the best ways of using CBD is vaping.

How to Mix CBD with Vaping Juice

You should do first pick the right CBD strain. Look for a product with the right CBD concentration that works well for you. If you are not sure about this, then you should begin with minimal levels as you adjust. Make sure there is a balance in your mixture. It is not a must that the CBD oil and your vaping juice or the liquid nicotine in it be in equal measures.

Add some little drops of CBD oil or one that works well for you. E-liquids that don’t have some nicotine are somehow the best for creating this type of mix. Melting your oil makes it easier for you to come up with something that is mixed correctly. You can use your microwave or do it in hot water. The best CBD oil to vaping juice ratio should be about 2:3 if you want to feel the effects of the CBD.

Choosing the Right CBD Vape Pen

The following should be considered when buying one:

Ease of CleaningCBD oil

You should look for a vape pen that will give you a smooth time when it comes to cleaning. Look for a design that can be disassembled and assembled easily to have an easy time when cleaning.


You will come across disposable and reusable vape pens. Reusable pens are the best and will also help you save on the amount you would be using in buying new ones every day. You can recharge it when almost over.


This is another thing you should factor in when buying a CBD vape pen. Prices may vary from one type to another depending on several things like the features of quality of the vape pen. You need to compare the costs and buy one you can afford.…