Important Accessories for Your Hedgehog Cage

Before you venture on having a pet, it is essential to know the personality of the pet of your choice before acquiring it. “Will we be compatible?” That should be answered in the affirmative before you bring home your new pet from the pet shop.

Just like humans, pets have different personalities. Some may need attention while some are solitary creatures requiring very little human interaction. While some have a lethargic lifestyle, some are very active all day long. The most significant factor that may affect your decision to zero in on what will be the best for your pet is its maintenance. Some pets are easier to manage while some may require more of your precious time. So to come up with the perfect pet for you, you should also know your personality.

When you choose a hedgehog as your pet, you should know that they are solitary, independent, and less affectionate pets. Most hedgies may not like to be cuddled as they may need very little human attention. They may only serve as eye candies because of their vibrant colors, cute size, and spiny appearance.

There are many advantages of having this exotic creature as a pet, as they require low maintenance, they do not have dander that may trigger allergies among your family members, and they don’t bark or squawk that may disturb you or your neighbors.

So once you decided that your pet will be this cute, prickly, and exotic pet; you may now choose from many hedgehog cages in the pet shop  with the following basic accessories.

cute petBeddings

The beddings should be soft and made of non-toxic materials. They can be wood shavings, recycled paper or towels. It will be better to use more of these elements to provide space for your hedgies to burrow.

Hide Area

A structure that will provide a place for your pet to hide when scared can also be his favorite playground. Provide a cut PVC or a wooden tube where you hedgie will feel safe.

Water bottle

A water bottle is important to your pet. Though your pet may not typically require a lot of water for his subsistence, it is vital to provide safe and clean water all the time.

Food Bowl

The food bowl should be heavy enough for this cute creature to move. This will prevent the food to be scattered or being wasted. Provide another bowl for water if your pet does not drink from the plastic bottle.

wheel for petToys, Toys, and Toys

Because of their active lifestyle, hedgehogs like to have toys in their cages to play and push around. A wheel is a favorite toy. Because of their gnawing nature, be careful that all these toys are non-toxic.

Litter Box

Hedgehogs are hard to train specifically on how they use litter boxes. Put a litter box under some of their favorite places. A cage light may also maintain warm temperature in the morning.


Basically nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs may require dim light at night. It will prevent them to have the tendency to hibernate.

When you have a cage for your pets, trying to mimic their natural environment is very important. This will make them happier and they will not loose their identity.

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