Best Wine Preservation Systems

Most people have a challenge of enjoying and drinking their wine before it goes bad. The ancient Greeks used to add preservatives like honey and resin to prevent the fermentation of wine. Manufacturers have now come up with innovative ways of storing and preserving wine. Wine preservation systems are the best accessories for serving and preserving wine.

Some of these systems work by extracting oxygen from the wine bottle, while others work by sucking or adding a special gas to the wine bottle after opening it. Outlined here below are the best wine preservation systems that you can find in the market today:

The Coravin Model

Coravin is one of the best wine preservation systems in the current market. It is known for its great reputation and design. It addition to this, it comes with a quality wine opener that allows the user to serve wine without uncorking his bottle.

It works by spraying a layer of argon gas on top of the wine. This is the layer that makes this system effective in preserving wine by keeping oxygen out. This system is mainly used by wine enthusiasts and high-end restaurants to presser the wine tats and quality over time. Therefore, you can use this unit to keep your wine fresh and preserve its taste for several months or weeks.

ZOS Halo Wine Preservation System

This system is effective in extracting oxygen from the wine bottle. It comes with a special cartridge that completely seals the wine bottle after opening it. This preserver has a capacity to preserve up to fifteen bottles, making it an ideal option for high-end restaurants. Furthermore, it comes with a cartilage tester that can help you in finding out if the cartilage is still good after finding your wine bottle.

You should put your cartilage in the tester for about 20 seconds and then observe the color of the light produced. A green light indicates that the cartilage is still good. You should discard your cartridge and use a new one for the next wine bottle if the color of the light produced is red.

Aervana Original

The Aervana Original is a luxurious wine aerator or wine dispenser. It has a sophisticated look, but it is highly effective in preserving wine. You can use it to preserve the freshness and taste of your wine. In addition to preserving wine, this system can boost the quality, flavor, or taste of your wine after opening your wine bottle. This preserver is designed for stronger whites like white Bordeaux, Burgundies, and red wines. Its complete package includes a manual, two tubes, and batteries. It is also easy to clean and use.

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